10 pointsCAM00084[1]

Mouse Pad*
Personal development CDCAM00088[1]
Set 3 Assorted Color Pens*
Key Ring*


15 points

$2 Notary CouponCAM00099[1] Back Pack*



20 points

Motivational Books



30 points

$5 Fax Services Coupon*CAM00289[1]
Note Pad*
Talking Bobble Head Pen*


50 points

Pocket size Record Expense BookCAM00101[1]


70 pointsCAM00304[1]

$30 off Coupon*
(Good only towards 1 hour Consultation)


100 pointsCAM00299[1]

$50 off coupon*
(Good only towards Tax Prep of $150 or more)CAM00106[1]

$25 Restaurant Gift Card
Free with Dental/Medical Enrollment

*Items with LPS (our name) logo. Watch For More Items Coming Soon!


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