Printable Forms Use these forms to print and fill in or to check your documents before we meet. All files are .pdf format.

Important New York Information

E-File / Bank Forms

E-File / Audit Protection

Earned Income Tax Credit Questionnaire

Taxpayers File Statement

Small Business Requirements Sole Proprietorship Preparation

  • Total Gross Receipts
  • Business Category
  • Business Name
  • Business Address (if different)
  • Tax ID# (if you have one)
  • Itemize Business Expenses
  • Sort, Tally & Record Expenses on a Single Sheet Sole Proprietor worksheet
  • Documented Proof of Income & Expenses

(We do not require all original receipts for filing, however, we do ask that you please sort and copy them, record and keep them in a safe place to justify entries if needed at later date) LLC, Partnerships or S Corporation Preparation

  • Same as above and…
  • Name, SSN# and address for all business partners
  • Business bank statements (may be required for balance sheet)

New Property/Home Owner Deductions Single family homes

  • Mortgage interest statement
  • Real estate property tax statement
  • Original purchase date and amount paid or
  • Last refinance date & amount
  • (if refinanced or purchased in current year, include closing statement)

If you sold a home/property or own rental property

  • i.e. Multiple dwellings (2 family or more);
  • Also complete Homeowner Deduction/Expense form for rental property
  • Itemize list of renovations, repairs, home improvements,
  • Include property address
  • Submit form 1098 and (closing statement, if any)  for any sold home or foreclosure

Vacation home/Time shares Interest paid and or taxes Non-Deductible Expenses

  • Burial or Funeral Cost
  • Commuting (unless 2nd job)
  • Marriage/Wedding
  • Personal Fines, Tickets & Penalties
  • Life Insurance Premiums
  • Personal Apartment Rent
  • Pets (unless seeing-eye dog)